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Recent updates:

We need change

The status quo isn’t working for everyone. For many of us, it never worked in the first place.

The problem is systemic.

Racism, sexism, homophobia and other oppressions are baked into American systems. The problem isn’t the people involved in these systems, but the systems themselves.

Band-Aids aren’t the solution.

Re-imagining each system individually misses the opportunity for the transformative change needed to ensure everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing.

Now is the time.

COVID-19 has exacerbated existing disparities, surfacing the social inequities that our systems are built on. This moment is the closest we’ll get to rebuilding these systems from the ground up.

We’re taking action

The Wellbeing Blueprint is charting the path towards an equitable and just future for all.

Join Us

The Wellbeing Blueprint

It’s a community, a roadmap and a movement grounded in six key principles:

Start with what matters to people: wellbeing

Push against harms in communities already facing the greatest adversity

Build on social connections and social capital

Build financial security

Span boundaries

Sustain transformation beyond the pandemic

Wellbeing in Action

Explore how visionaries across the country are advancing wellbeing in their communities, systems and sectors.

Blueprint Principle:
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