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The Wellbeing Blueprint took shape in 2020 when a group of changemakers came together to turn a crisis into a turning point.

For generations, marginalized communities responding to injustice had been sidelined, under-resourced or ignored. Then COVID-19 and the murder of George Floyd shook the nation to its core. A long-overdue reckoning began taking place as more people became aware of the inequities and atrocities that communities had been organizing around for decades.

We realized that now is the closest we’ll get in our lifetime to meaningfully rethinking and rebuilding our systems from the ground up. The Wellbeing Blueprint is our community, our roadmap and our movement to do just that.

Who We Are

We are system and community leaders, advocates and change agents who are united across sectors and issue areas to steer our country towards equity, wellbeing and justice.

The Wellbeing Blueprint is housed at the Full Frame Initiative and overseen by Tanya Tucker.

Our Community

More than 200 organizations and community leaders have signed on to change our systems and our country as co-owners of the Wellbeing Blueprint.

Meet the Signers

Our Roadmap

The Wellbeing Blueprint lays out our shared path forward with policy and decision-making recommendations grounded in six guiding principles.

Explore the Blueprint

Our Movement

More than 1,000 change agents across the country are advancing equity, wellbeing and the movement towards long-term, structural transformation.

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Why Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is the needs and experiences required to weather challenges and have health and hope. It’s what everyone needs to thrive.

The human drive for wellbeing is universal — access is not. By centering wellbeing, we can illuminate where our systems are creating and deepening inequities and how to address them.

Wellbeing in Action

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