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The Power of the Native Vote: Mobilizing Indigenous Communities to Advance Structural Change

May 17 from 5-6:15 PM MST

Join Indigenous activists who are getting out the vote both on and off of reservations for a conversation about the power of Native voice.

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Infrastructure for Wellbeing: Designing & Building with Social Resilience

Wednesday, April 27 at 12 p.m. ET

Join the National League of Cities, the Full Frame Initiative, the City of Tallahassee and the International WELL Building Institute to learn about wellbeing and our nation's future infrastructure plans.

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Blueprint Community Call

Every second and fourth Thursday at 1 to 1:45 ET

Hear from system and community leaders, advocates and change agents as we share ideas, insights and innovations for advancing wellbeing for all. This is a great opportunity to see the Wellbeing Blueprint community in action, get resources and connect with other changemakers.

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More Than Nutrition: Food, Social Justice and Wellbeing

Three leaders who are implementing innovations in food justice and sovereignty explore the connections between food, wellbeing, equity, social justice, community and more.

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The Courage to Rebuild and Reimagine: Next Generation Leadership

Four Next-Gen leaders hold space to redefine broken systems and rethink what it means to be a leader in modern-day America.

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Equity in the Workplace: The Wage Transparency Act

Equal pay advocate Megan Driscoll and the Full Frame Initiative explore the impacts of wage transparency on gender and racial equity and concrete steps you can take to advocate for change.

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Where’s the Harm? 911, Emergency Response and Community Trauma

Trauma surgeon Dr. LJ Punch and Dr. Rebecca Neusteter of Transform911 illuminate what a wellbeing-oriented emergency response system can look like.

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Two Philanthropic Leaders Walk Into a Fishbowl … and Get Real

Lisa Jackson of the Imago Dei Fund and Mailee Walker of the Claneil Foundation get real in a conversation about philanthropy that you haven’t heard before.

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Centering Community: Shifting Power & Relationships

Three change agents discuss common mistakes systems and organizations make when trying to engage community voice and what it means to meaningfully center community.

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The Intersection of Civil Legal Justice and the Wellbeing Blueprint

Join us as we explore how the Wellbeing Blueprint can aid efforts to transform the civil legal system and accelerate wellbeing.

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Moving Towards Equity: What Does Wellbeing Have to Do With It?

Join Fred Brown of The Forbes Funds, Dr. Karilyn Crockett of the City of Boston and Katya Fels Smyth of the Full Frame Initiative for a conversation about equity and wellbeing.

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The Cycle of Engagement

Sarah Sullivan from Think Of Us and Chris Scott from Alloy share about the Cycle of Engagement and lessons in helping people to stay engaged.

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