The Wellbeing Blueprint is a growing community of system and community leaders, advocates and change agents. We’re united by our vision of a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing — the needs and experiences required in combination and balance to weather challenges and to have health and hope. The Wellbeing Blueprint is our commitment to durable change, and our contribution to the much larger movement shifting our country’s structures and systems from their shared roots in racism to a shared root in the universal drive for and right to wellbeing. We’re taking action, making changes and invite you to join us.

Our community beliefs:

We are people, communities, organizations and agencies who share a commitment to:

  • Everyone in the United States having a fair shot at wellbeing.
  • The six core principles of the Wellbeing Blueprint.
  • Recognizing that we can work for change even if we don’t agree on everything.
  • Taking action, centering on community.
  • Using our power and influence — within public agencies we lead, communities we live in and champion, networks we support — to make structural changes.
  • Working across boundaries and sectors.
  • Honoring the generations of innovation, advocacy, resistance and struggle that this work builds on and contributes to.
  • Staying in the long journey to social justice, combating the racism in ourselves and that our systems perpetuate and are rooted in.
  • Learning, growing, changing and challenging each other to keep stretching.

It’s a group effort:

The Wellbeing Blueprint is a living document. What we mean by that is that it’s not fixed or finished. We’ll continue to work together to strengthen the document so that it reflects our individual and collective work and beliefs.

This means it’s a group effort. Below, you can submit an example of the principles in action and sign-on to the Wellbeing Blueprint.

Where we go will be determined by the energy people bring to the work. For example, you can:

  • join a learning cohort;
  • shape recommendations that are missing or need to be refined;
  • attend or co-host a webinar;
  • nominate a tool or resource that would help others take on pieces of this work;
  • tell us where we’ve gotten it right and where we’ve missed the mark;
  • volunteer your skills — in storytelling, design, coding, organizing, outreach, or something else;
  • suggest something really different from what we’ve listed here.

Please send comments, suggestions, ideas and questions to [email protected]

No matter what, we’re glad you’re here and hope you will join the “we”.

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