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Denver STAR

Not all 911 calls require a police response. Denver’s STAR program is changing the way people experiencing homelessness, mental health concerns and poverty interact with the emergency care system by moving case workers out of the periphery and into the community.

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Policy-level Tradeoffs Analysis Playbook

This Playbook provides a structured process for assessing organizational policies and adjusting them to reduce harmful impacts on stakeholders.

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The Wellbeing Blueprint

The Wellbeing Blueprint lays out a shared path forward with policy and decision-making recommendations grounded in six guiding principles.

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Engagement Discovery Kit

Rethink how you engage with others and center wellbeing with this kit designed for organizations and individuals who are interested in revamping intakes, assessment and engagement processes.

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What is Network Weaving? Q & A with June Holley

June Holley is a Wellbeing Blueprint signer who has been weaving networks, helping others weave networks and writing about networks for over 40 years. We recently sat down with June to define network weaving and help us understand how it can be a game changer in building our collective capacity to bring about social change.

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More Than Nutrition: Food, Social Justice and Wellbeing

Three leaders who are implementing innovations in food justice and sovereignty explore the connections between food, wellbeing, equity, social justice, community and more.

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Wellbeing & Voting Rights

The ability to cast a ballot affects every aspect of individual and community wellbeing – but not everyone has access. With many important elections on the horizon, it's important that we stand up for voting rights, stay informed and vote – including in judicial races.

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How to Create Shovel-Worthy Infrastructure

As cities across the nation begin investing in new infrastructure projects, city planners and policymakers have many options for how they choose to build. In a two-part series published by the American Planning Association, Brookings Senior Fellow Xavier de Souza Briggs and Full Frame Initiative CEO Katya Fels Smyth outline a six-point framework showing how to plan and design a built environment that provides universal access to wellbeing.

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Wellbeing and the American Rescue Plan

In "Connection, Community, Context and Capital," co-creator of the Wellbeing Blueprint Katya Fels Smyth explores how to leverage the American Rescue Plan to create a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing.

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Springboard to Opportunities

Springboard to Opportunities launched the Magnolia Mother’s Trust to provide $1,000 cash, monthly, to low-income, Black mothers living in subsidized housing — no strings attached. This allows these mothers to meet their basic needs, prioritize their health and give them the agency to make decisions for their families while minimizing tradeoffs.

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Bullet Related Injury Clinic

The Bullet Related Injury Clinic (BRIC) is a community-based clinic in St. Louis providing care for people with bullet related injuries after being discharged from the emergency department. The clinic provides healthcare services in addition to serving as a space for patients to build and expand social connections within the community.

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The Infrastructure of Wellbeing

The new infrastructure package could be one of the nation’s most consequential investments in equitable wellbeing — but only if we make it so. Full Frame Initiative CEO Katya Fels Smyth and Brookings Senior Fellow Xavier de Souza Briggs explore how the built environment can provide universal access to wellbeing.

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