Hiring for Director of the Wellbeing Blueprint

Over the past six months, we’ve watched the Wellbeing Blueprint gain traction and momentum across the country. It’s time to hire dedicated staff to work with you and others to translate enthusiasm and vision into the change we all seek. 

The Full Frame Initiative, as the backbone agency for the Wellbeing Blueprint, is searching for a Director of the Wellbeing Blueprint. At FFI, we’re interested in building a high-performing, diverse team. In order to do that, we approach hiring a little differently.  Rather than analyze resumes in an attempt to determine the potential for success, we have built a recruitment process that actively removes unconscious bias and relies on proven talent predictors and targeted skills assessments. The first step in this process is an analysis of responses to a series of short prompts. So instead of updating resumes and drafting a cover letter, we ask candidates to put their application energy into answering the questions included in the online application. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

You may be the perfect fit — or you may know the person who is. Please help us spread the word!