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More than 200 organizations, community leaders and individuals have signed on to change our systems and our country as co-owners of the Wellbeing Blueprint.

Welcome to our Newest signers!

Francene Chadwick, Serve

Melinda Dixon

Charity Jordan Rex

Kristin Romaine, ap&co.


Alleghenies Unlimited Care Providers

April Joy Farm / Farm to Heart

AshbeanPDX Marketing 

The Barnraisers Project

Behavioral Health Foundation


Be Well Madison

Bridgebuilder Cinematic Arts

California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Center for Patient Partnerships

Children’s League of Massachusetts

City of San Diego

The Corporation for Supportive Housing

DynamicWorks Wellness Collective

The Ed Agency

Family Roots for Life, Inc.

First Call

Fostering Great Ideas: Reimagine Foster Care

The Full Frame Initiative

Gaithersburg HELP

GivingWorks: Strategists for Social Impact

The Greater Sum

HeSapa Voter Initiative

House of Ruth Maryland

Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress

The International Institute of Family Development

Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) 

Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center

Jefferson County Human Services

Jessica Payne Consulting

Justice for Families

King Boston


Legal Link

Living In Freedom Together

Love Your Natural Self Foundation

Lower Eastside Girls Club

Lutheran Community Services NW

McCrea’s Publishing Company

Missouri Alliance for Children and Families

More Than Words

National Network for Justice

National Survivor Network

New London, CT Department of Human Services

North Flint Neighborhood Action Council

Open Contracting Partnership

Orange County Rape Crisis Center

Owl & Pen – Content Writing for Small Businesses

Palm Health Foundation

Plainfield Co-op

Poetry for Personal Power

The Prosperity Agenda

Quimby Family Foundation

REACH Beyond Domestic Violence, Inc.

Rely on Rach

The Reverence Project

The Right Question Institute

Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps

Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley

San Diego State University Social Policy Institute

Sarah M. Gillen, LLC

Sarah Pariser Consulting

The Social Impact Center

Sparlin Mental Health

Strategic Questions Consulting

STRIVE Atlanta

Theater of War

Think of Us

Tomorrow’s Women TODAY

The Waysmeet Center

Unchained Stories

United Way of Southeastern Connecticut

Universal Basic Resources

UpRoot Colorado

Visible Hands Collaborative

Youth Correctional Leaders for Justice

YWCA Western New York


Contributors, allies, kitchen cabinet members and individual signers

+Kate Abate

+Bridgette Acklin, DC Department of Human Services

★Afua Addo, Perception Institute

+Lindsey Adler

+Miki Akimoto, Full Frame Initiative

+Sandra Ambrozy, Urban Institute

+Becca Anderson

+Matt Ashby, DIAL/SELF Youth & Community Services

+Linda Barber, Revere Public Schools

+Lyndon Batiste, Emory University

+Tamara Bauman, Solid Ground

+Tristia Bauman

★+Phyllis Becker, MO Division of Youth Services (ret.)

+Heather Beaird-Eisler, Rose Brooks Center

+Denita Benyshek, Heal and Grow Counseling

+Patricia Beresford, P. Beresford & Associates

Maria Birch

Xavier de Souza Briggs, New York University

Rachel Broudy, MD

+Peter Budmen

+Claudine Buchanan

+Ben Burkemper, Family Court of St. Louis County

+Jen Buteau

+Al Cambell, Quality of Life

★Sixto Cancel, Think of Us

+Jennifer Cannon, Five College Women’s Studies Research Center

+LaRae Cantley, Activist

+Matt Carona, Google

+Gladys Carrion, Columbia University Justice Lab, YCLJ

+Francene Chadwick

+Lesa Chandler, Cornerstones of Care

+Gabriella Chapman

+Ben Cislaghi

+Kacee Cohen, YWCA Clark County

+Jacquie Cook

+Bekki Craig, Salasin Project

+Lisa Crow, WayPoint Services

+Bianca Cruz, HAWC

+Alexander Davis

★+Tim Decker, MO Children’s Division (ret.)

+Michelle Degray

+Alison Delassus

+Karly Deno

+Piper Derenoncourt, Beth Israel Lahey Health – BIDMC CVPR

+Kathleen Desilets

+Deborah Diamond, LifePath

+Elizabeth Dierze, Salasin Project

+Melinda Dixon

+Ren Driscoll

+Ivy Doxley, MO Children’s Division

+Megan Driscoll, Megan Driscoll Consulting

+Angella Dunston

+Kate Dupree

+Kelly Eargle

+Amy Ebbeson

+Susan Entin, MAPA and QCAN and Church of St. Augustine, St. Martin

+Sonja Esteras

+Elizabeth Evans

+Kendall Evans, Another Way

+Kirsten Faisal, Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

+Michelle Farnum, City of Cambridge (MA)

+José Faus, Independent Artist

+Patricia Fenrick, Minnesota Department of Human Services

+Alex Figueroa, American Public Human Services Association

+Emily Friedrichs

+Devon Gilchrist

+Allison Goodwin, Gaining Ground

+Danielle Goodwin, Corporation for Supportive Housing

+Amy Harris, Volunteer

+Julie Henderson, Civil Service England

+Jasmaine Henry

+June Holley, Network Weaving Institute

+Pamela Hurd, The Boston Foundation

+Lucretia Jackson

+Brad Johnson, Bladen County Health Department

+Zondre Johnson, Speak Up

+Melissa Jonson-Reid, Washington University

+Aurora Martinez Jones, Travis County Civil Courts

+Kim Jordan, Burlington Community Justice Center

+Jordan Knutsen

+Courtney Leaon, EveryMeal

+Kenneth Levine

+Albert Lewers Jr.

+Maya Logo

+Marsha Mansfield, LIFT Dane

+Cheryl Markham, People’s Community Law

+Beatrice Mauger, NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

+Colleen Maynard

+Lisa McGahan, Salasin Project

+Elizabeth Montoya

+Franceria Moore, The Prosperity Agenda

+Susan Orban, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Washington County

+Dean Lagrotteria, LifePath

+Kellie Landaker, The Art of Unbecoming Coaching

+George Lombardi, MO Department of Corrections (ret.)

+Isabel Martinez Santos, Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

★+Tammy Mello, Children’s League of Massachusetts

+Hollis Meminger, Bridgebuilder Cinematic Arts

+Corrie Monk, Communities for Families

+Maria Mossaides

+Franceria Moore, The Prosperity Agenda

+Kitra Mwania, Missouri Alliance for Children and Families

+Karen Nordstrom, Food Solutions New England

+Jd Nielsen, Department of Commerce/Office of Crime Victims Advocacy

+Kelly Norris

+Lorena Norwood

+Antonio Oftelie, Leadership for a Networked World

Curtis Ogden, Interaction Institute for Social Change

+Annie Olea

+Jennifer Olsen

+Sedef Onder

+Carolyn Ordowich

+Joni M Palmer, APA

+Sam Palmer Simon

+Shayna Parker, Children’s League of Massachusetts

+Laraine Patterson

+Cressa Perish

+Eva Peterson, Eva Peterson LLC

+Stacy Pinkston, activist

+Nathanael Player, Utah State Courts’ Self-Help Center

+Janet Power, Mothers Out Front, Healthy Sol for a Livable Future

+Aiveen Princess, Aye Different

+Nasir Qadree, Zeal Capital Partners

+Miranda Rabuck

+Nora Razon

+Stacy Reinstein, Arizona Department of Economic Security

+Marika Reese, Ubuntu Cares

+Hazel Reyes

+Charity Jordan Rex

+Karen Riley-McNary, Living in Freedom Together (Worcester)

+Mariesa Robinson, MNADV

+Diane Rogers

+Kristin Romaine

+Cynthia Roman-Cabrera

+Jennifer Rose, Inspire Action for Social Change

+Julia Rowan, University of Southern California

+Will Rucker, Compassionate Las Vegas

+Kendi Satterfield, MO Alliance for Children and Families

+Susan Schear, ARTISIN, LLC

+Marc Schindler, Justice Policy Institute

+Alexander Schneider, Columbia University, YCLJ

+Michael Shanahan

+Michael Shaw, Hudson Webber Foundation

+Lise Sheehan, Recover Project

+Genevieve Sheridan, PAVO

+Elizabeth Siggins, University of California, Davis

+Yancy Singleton

+Kimberlee Nicole Smith, The Tenacious Rose Project

★+Katya Fels Smyth, Full Frame Initiative

+Elizabeth Siggins, U.C. Davis

+Marcia Sobers, FHI 360

+Jenka Soderberg, Multnomah County Joint Office of Homeless Services

+Mercedes Soto, City of Cambridge

+Gerry Soud

+Lisa Specter-Dunaway

+Natalie Stites Means

+Terrance Stroud

+Shanna Stryker, University of Cincinnati

+Danielle Stuart, SEIU

+Daniel Sturm, Maryland Food Bank

+Sarah Swinko, Southern Tier West Regional Planning and Development Board

+Richard Taylor, eTransX

+Kenneth Thompson, Visible Hands Collaborative

+Cole Trager, Walden Local Meat

+Autumn Trice-johnson, Purdue Extension

Tanya Tucker, Full Frame Initiative

+Leti Uzueta, Minnesota Judicial Branch

+Polly Vanasse, Gaining Ground

+Lorelei Vargas, Trinity Church Wall Street

+Norma Vega, American Red Cross Los Angeles

+Dr. Martha Vela Acosta, Healthy Equity Strategies

+Bryan Vickers, St. Louis County Family Court

+Christy Vong

+Alexandria Ware, TOU

★+Tracy Wareing Evans, American Public Human Services Association

+Nancy Wever, Indiana Supreme Court, Office of Court Services

+Erika Wey, Food Security Network

+Alyssa Wiedenheft

+Jamie Willett, University of New Hampshire

+Christina Williams, Boston Children’s Museum

+Curtis Williams

+Annie Wilson, Missouri Alliance for Children and Families

+Deirdre Wilson, University of Southern California

+Kehsi Iman Wilson

+Kiadra Wilson

+Lisa Word, Bridgespan

+Nicole York

+Jasmin Young-Bradshaw, Durham Crisis Response Center

+Lotus Yu

+Kell Barker

+Amiyoko A shabazz

+Scott Hilliard

★Laura Zeilinger, DC Department of Human Services

★Kitchen Cabinet

+ Signer (individual)

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