Wellbeing matters. It’s not extra, or after all our other needs get met— at least as the Wellbeing Blueprint community understands wellbeing. It is those needs.

One way to define wellbeing, the starting point for this Blueprint, is, “the universal needs and experiences universally required in combination and balance to weather challenges and have health and hope.” There is absolutely room for aligned definitions.

The community of the Wellbeing Blueprint is committed to not being distracted from our larger purpose by small differences among definitions that fundamentally lead to the same conclusions:

  • We’re all hardwired to seek wellbeing.
  • We don’t all have a fair shot at wellbeing. Throughout our country, structural and systemic racism, institutionalized gender bias, homo-and trans-phobia, deep-seated religious intolerance and other forces of division mean we don’t all have a fair shot.
  • These structural flaws mean less access to wellbeing, which reinforces poverty, trauma, chronic illness and oppression.

We believe everyone should have a fair shot at wellbeing.

Wellbeing is an umbrella that helps us connect the vital work of community organizing and strengthening with multigenerational/2Gen work, social determinants of health and more. Trauma blocks access to wellbeing; trauma-informed principles provide important stepping stones to wellbeing.

For more resources on wellbeing and ways it’s being used see:

If you have an aligned definition of wellbeing and/or applications of it, please share!