Equity in the Workplace: the Wage Transparency Act

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Inequity thrives on silence. Workers — especially women and BIPoC workers — are consistently at a disadvantage in advocating for equitable pay when employers treat wages as confidential information. To build a future where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing, employers and employees alike need structures in place to even the playing field and set the stage for fair negotiation.  

Join Wellbeing Blueprint signer Megan Driscoll, current equal pay advocate and former CEO of PharmaLogics Recruiting, a leading employment firm in Massachusetts, to learn more about her journey to get the Wage Transparency Act onto the political agenda. You’ll leave with a better understanding of this important piece of the racial and gender equity puzzle and concrete steps that you can take to be an advocate for change. 

Notes, downloads and resources: